cPanel+CloudFlare cPanel Plugin

cPanel + CloudFlare cPanel Plugin


Maximizing security and efficiency.

Now that the CloudFlare cPanel plugin has been released, it’s easier than ever to setup your zones under CloudFlare’s protection from within cPanel.


Enabling the CloudFlare plugin is simple.

SSH to your server as root.

Download the plugin from GitHub and set it up with your Host API Key from CloudFlare and your company’s name.

bash <(curl -s

Within a few minutes you’ll see: “Cloudflare module installed successfully”

**By default, the plugin can only handle CNAME records. To enable Full DNS setup edit:

change the parameter:

“featureManagerIsFullZoneProvisioningEnabled”: false
“featureManagerIsFullZoneProvisioningEnabled”: true

Save and you’re done.

Now your end users can click on the CloudFlare icon in cPanel and login to their own individual CloudFlare accounts.

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