New cPanel Installer Requirements

As of this writing, the newest version of the cPanel installer poses some additional requirements for new installations:

  • cPanel must be installed on target version 11.40
  • For any Redhat-based OS (RHEL, CentOS, CloudLinux), you must be on version 6

If your server does not meet these requirements, you have two options:

A.  Install version 11.38 as a target version

To do this, you’ll need to create a file called /etc/cpupdate.conf before cPanel is installed on your server.  In this file, add:


Then run the installer normally:

sh latest

From here, you can upgrade to the latest version by replacing “CPANEL=11.38” with:


or the version you want to upgrade to, ie:


Then run /scripts/upcp to update.

B. Force the installation

Download the installer and run with the –force flag:

sh latest --force

Note that these instructions will become invalid once cPanel 11.38 becomes EOL.  The restrictions are intended to encourage system administrators to run the latest software.